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  • [FREE on Amazon] 11/28/2015 - 11/29/2015 A Children's Book Full of Fun!   13 hours 57 min ago

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  • Rightful Heir – A review of the novel ‘The Return of the Ancient Ones’   23 hours 28 min ago

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  • Growing Up in D.C. – A review of the book ‘The Page’   23 hours 29 min ago

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  • Free ebooks - Oct 1 to Oct 15 -List All here-   1 day 2 hours ago

    DATE(S) OFFERED FREE: October 1st to October 5th

    TITLE: The Archytas

    GENRE: Science Fiction


    NOTES: This book is due to be released on October 1st, so please don't pre-order as I will be making it free from the day of release for the first 5 days.


    Geoff Jenkins was worried. The number of pigeons had increased daily, destroying the crops of the neighbouring farms. For Jenkins, his farm remained untouched by the decimation, and with the rest of the Farmers' Alliance already suspicious, it would not be long before they uncovered the truth. 

    Meanwhile, in Outer-Utopia, the sky was on fire. The Utopian Defence Force ships were firing on alien vessels entering the Earth's atmosphere, and for Tom Somertri, birds would be the least of his worries.

    As for Grace, she was at a complete loss. Her society ensured everyone was equal, with credits resetting at the end of each week. Her life had reached a point of abject misery, and she could only think about plans to escape. 

    Finally, in the distant future, a being by the name of Carter had suddenly started remembering his dreams; an unusual occurrence for his species. Thoughts of birds stayed in his mind long after waking, and he was about to discover why. 

    For Geoff, Tom, Grace, Carter, and the pigeons, their seemingly separate courses of existence appeared fated to collide; interwoven like the fabric of spacetime.

  • Any authors interested in doing an interview?   1 day 19 hours ago

    Hello, if you are still looking for authors I would love to do an interview on your site. 

    If you would like to email me at:

    Cheers, Sky

  • Free Kindle EBook 9/22 - 9/26   1 day 21 hours ago

    Free download today only, September 24.

    Brand New Release Sol: Inferno

    part 3 of the Sol series.

    Science fiction novels filled with mystery, intrigue and romance


    To celebrate the completion of the trilogy all three books are free today!

    This will be my last promotion for a while so

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  • Free Kindle EBook 9/22 - 9/26   2 days 1 hour ago

    Just Keep Going!: How To Avoid Seasonal Weight Gains & Finally Get To The End Of Any Fat Loss Diet Plan

    Just Keep Going!:  How To Avoid Seasonal Weight Gains & Finally Get To The End Of Any Fat Loss Diet Plan!

    Amazon link:

    This uplifting and inspirational book will motivate you to finally get to the end of ANY fat loss plan.

    Read the real journal entries of a person’s ambitious journey to lose a few pounds during the holiday season. What should have been simple turned into an unexpected emotional rollercoaster. Learning about the person’s everyday struggles will help identify your own seasonal eating setbacks.

    Whether you’re an experienced dieter or ready to take the plunge for the first time, reading this book will give you that pal you’ve always secretly wanted as you try to accomplish your own fitness goals.

    While reading this book, you will have renewed confidence in yourself. You will discover that you are not the only one who has struggled in the past.

    You will learn what you must do to actually accomplish a goal that once seemed impossible!

    Too many diet books and fitness experts make fat loss look easy. If losing weight were so simple, there wouldn’t be so many confusing & complicated diet books in the world. We all would be comfortable with our current bodies instead of  searching for something better.

    #1 Best-Selling Author of Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside!, Michael V. Moore, is here to show you that nobody is perfect!

    Just Keep Going provides you with:

    • 10 MUST HAVES to finally finish your fat loss goal
    • Weeks of honest personal journal entries from a person trying to lose weight
    • Advice on setting up a long term eating plan
    • What to do when life doesn’t go according to your ideal fitness plan
    • A detailed daily log of EVERY single food item eaten during the incredible journey

    Follow the advice in this book and achieve your ideal weight loss in weeks instead of years!

    Get your copy at:



  • Free Kindle EBook 9/22 - 9/26   3 days 3 hours ago

    Why is it painful to love? Why does heartbreaking hurt so much? Why cannot we just have happiness? Why do some people worry about their lovers more than the others do? Why are someone so jealous while the others are not? Learn about "attachment mechanism", the theory that answers the aforementioned questions through evolutionary psychology and social cognition theories. This psychological comic book will make you understand the love-related emotions better and get the best out of the situations.

    Free on Sunday 25th September Only!


  • Free Kindle EBook 9/22 - 9/26   3 days 18 hours ago

    FREE:   9/22 - 9-24

    Trust My Love (The Toussaints #1) 

    When a cop's family is threatened, nothing will stop him - not even a strange and secretive woman.


    Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense


  • Free Kindle Books 9/21-9/23   4 days 18 hours ago

    DATE(S) OFFERED FREE: 9/21-9/25

    TITLE: The Seven Stones by C.P. Goy

    GENRE: Fantasy, Puzzles, Childrens, Adventure, Mystery, Action


  • Seeking Beta Readers for Erotic Novella   5 days 19 hours ago

    Hello, I would be interested in beta reading for your novel, which sounds very interesting. 

  • Life goes on   6 days 1 hour ago
    I agreed that life goes on and people come and get out of your life. We fail, but life goes on and after that we find ways to get success. I read many best uk essay on these topics and a lot of personal experience of the people about it.


  • Free ebooks - Oct 1 to Oct 15 -List All here-   6 days 12 hours ago


    Oct 5th-Oct 9th

    Muffy and the Dog Catcher 

    Muffy is a happy and curious golden doodle puppy who lives on a farm. One day she chases a silly grasshopper and gets lost. She finds herself alone and hungry, on the point of collapse, but luck is on her side and she is adopted by a wonderful family, the Gabriels, who have a very orderly and devoted pack of dogs. Muffy becomes part of her new family, and is accepted by Radar and Oliver and the gang, but she still pines for her sister, Riff, and misses the farm. One of her new friends, Wise Dog, introduces her to a very Unusual Dog Catcher who has a special talent. 

    Muffy’s courageous journey is full of laughter and adventure as she tries to unite her two families.

    For ages 4-8

  • Free ebooks - Oct 1 to Oct 15 -List All here-   1 week 17 hours ago


    DATE(S) OFFERED FREE: Sept 18 -Sept 22, 2016

    TITLE: A Journey of Love

    GENRE: Erotic Romance



    The decision we make and we choose to make affects the personality of who we become and what we become in the nearest future. This is the story of Adams and Sarah. Natural as it feels, lovely as it sounds. Sex, love, passion and comfort all embedded in this one heart touching story.

  • Free ebooks - Oct 1 to Oct 15 -List All here-   1 week 23 hours ago

    This is Peter Ujj, author of The Nature of Happiness - A Journey from Misery to Prosperity. The ebook is free on Kindle between Sep 18-20. Hope you will enjoy it! 

    What is happiness? Does genuine human happiness exist at all? How to survive misery, hardship, inhuman challenges, hatred, rejection, insecurity, emotional darkness and hopelessness? How to find our way in the face of disappointment, consuming greed, and distrust? How to fight pessimism? How to dream a better life, and how to believe in our dreams? How to protect ourselves from envious and malicious encounters that prevent us from fulfillment, self-confidence and prosperity? How to envision serenity, balance, well-being, prosperity, emotional tranquility, and existential stability in the midst of such an uncertain, chaotic earthly life? And, most importantly, how to reach a perfect happiness in our everyday life?


  • Free ebooks - Oct 1 to Oct 15 -List All here-   1 week 4 days ago

    Vegan Recipes in 30 Minutes: Quick, Simple and Delicious Recipes with Ingredients are Easy to Find in Your Local Store

    FREE Sep 15th - 16th

    Click here to download fo Free:


    Discover How to Eating Well Without Spending a Lot of Time and Money! 

    Are you craving real, whole foods that will keep your mind clear and will nourish your body from the inside out? Do you want to make a vegan recipes process more simple and less time consuming? Do you want to make cost-effective vegan recipes with ingredients that easily be found at local markets?

    The “Vegan recipes in 30 minutes: quick, simple and delicious recipes with ingredients are easy to find in your local store” ebook will make your vegan recipes delicious and simple. This book will show you how to eating well without spending a lot of time and money.

    Here is What You`ll Get After Reading This Book!

    You will know what vegan diet truly means.
    We’ll move to practical tips and tricks when it comes to cooking and eating tasty vegan meals without breaking the bank, as well as practical kitchen advice to help you cook like a pro.
    Jump to the “Vegan Cooking Tips for Easy Weeknight Cooking” where we have all your questions answered!
    Finally, you can enjoy 50 healthy and delicious recipes, divided into several categories. From grab-n-go breakfasts and portable lunch ideas, to mouthwatering dinner recipes that feed a crowd and healthy meals that won’t expand your waistline – the Vegan recipes in 30 minutes will have a recipe fix for all of your kitchen conundrums.

    Pick up your copy today and enjoy the rainbow on your plate!