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Author Spotlight ~ Author Interview with Jennifer Degl

Welcome to the World Literary Cafe Author Spotlight

Featuring: Author Jennifer Degl

Interview by Wendy L. Young

Welcome to today's WLC Author Spotlight! Today we have Jennifer Degl with us to talk about her journey with her micro-preemie daughter.

First, Jennifer, what do you enjoy doing outside of writing?

Besides being a mom of four children, I love my other job as a high school science teacher. I have been teaching earth science, biology, and astronomy since 1999 and it gets better every year.  When I am not teaching, my children and I can be found collecting rocks and rare gems or star gazing.

You are a busy lady! But it all sounds very rewarding, especially the time spent with your kids.

Tell us, who has inspired you the most in your life?

I have always admired Laura Ingalls Wilder for her amazing strength, determination and writing skills.  Her books have inspired me since I was a child.  But, my true inspiration is my miracle daughter Joy.  She had more medical interventions and procedures in her first month of life than most people have in a lifetime, as she overcame every obstacle that she came across, due to her micro preemie birth.  I can only wish to be as strong as her and I hope to continue to learn life lessons from my little miracle.

There is a lot of strength within you, to have overcome what you have with Joy!

What inspires you to write?

Being a woman with a type A personality, I had a very difficult time spending two months on bed rest while my family lived their lives around me.  I could not find very many resources to help me with my feelings.  There was also a lack of stories with positive outcomes to read about while my daughter spent four months in the NICU.  I wanted to change this and be able to inspire strength and positive thinking in others. 

This book will inspire other mothers who go through the same journey. What a wonderful way to share and bring hope to others in such a difficult time.

What is the name of your book and who would you say you write for?

From Hope to Joy is my first published book as of yet. I wrote From Hope to Joy to give families with babies in the NICU a realistic look at what lies ahead for them as well as showing them that miracles can happen and that hope can turn into joy.  My ideal readers are anyone who wants to believe in miracles.  But, I suppose my target audience includes women of childbearing age, families with premature or sick babies, and NICU medical professionals who are interested in gaining the perspective of a parent from the other side of the incubator.

It’s great that you think about the medical professionals as well. They see so much but you can really show a person side to it through this book.

What is the worst part about writing for you?  What is your favorite?

The worst part about writing From Hope to Joy was that it made me deal with all of the emotions that I had not dealt with before.  I now realize that I was just living day to day during those difficult months in order to survive, and I never realized the magnitude of what our family went through.  My favorite part about writing is that I learned how much I enjoy writing!

That’s wonderful! I hope you can use that enjoyment and continue to write.

Our lives are very social. How active are you on social networks, and what do you think of them? Help or hindrance?

I have been using social medial more since writing my book and I learn more about it each day.  I post on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus a few times a day and I started a blog from my website. I think all social media outlets are extremely helpful if you know how to use them. 

What’s your favorite part about social media?

I love the interaction I can have with people from various communities and even different countries, which would not be possible without social media.

Thank you for sharing with us, Jennifer! Let’s wrap up with a few quick questions:

Favorite coffee flavor? French Vanilla

Favorite place to write? My couch in my family room while watching my daughter sleep on the monitor screen.

Ice cream or brownies? Ice cream (chocolate with peanut butter)

Real life or Fantasy? Always real life

Thank you for joining us today, Jennifer. You have an inspiring story and I hope everyone enjoyed the interview.

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I enjoyed reading her books

October 22, 2013 by Aldo_, 3 years 17 weeks ago
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I enjoyed reading her books most of the time. When I have free time, I always make it sure that I would read any of her books. - Aldo Disorbo