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The Bounce! (amazon link)  is a human-interest story that chronicles the life and adventures of a computer programmer, Raj, as he migrates across four countries spanning three continents. The first half of this engaging story is about Raj’s experience seeking love by moving back from America to India, eventually migrating to Canada with his new bride. During their journey, the couple experiences a tragic loss onboard an international flight. 

The second half of the book chronicles the protagonist and his wife bouncing back. It is a story of love, loss and the life of an Indian American who happens to be an accidental beneficiary of globalization and offshoring. 

The author’s delicate narrative is, in essence a tragedy to triumph story that should appeal to everyone seeking their inner-hero. 

The Bounce! gives an insight into the world of our educated, but globally transient workforce: how immigrants fit into American culture and communities, build their own away-from-home communities, and how they struggle with the age-old immigrant's dilemma: balancing the adopted worlds' needs against traditional values and cultures. 

Genera: Asian American | Semi-Autobiographical fiction | Kindle Short Reads

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The novel must be really

The novel must be really fascinating, since the protagonist is a computer programmer, and that's the most captivating character a writer can deal with. An educated character in any novel is a tough, but smart choice of any writer. To finish the character's life path, an author must think twice on the choice of stylistic devices to make it smooth and wit. Will buy the book immediately.


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