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Free 5/30 - 6/01: RESTLESS DESIRES, a Cozy Romance Mystery by Stacie Orion

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Restless Desires is FREE for 3 days on Amazon.

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With "Shoot first, ask later" as hotshot detective Xander Lewis' motto, he's more likely to kill someone than solve a case. When a gruesome murder occurs at a Victorian mansion, he and his sidekick are called in to investigate. Tactless, quick to judge, and borderline comical, he has ample opportunities to rub people the wrong way. With the list of suspects mounting and no murder weapon to be found, he's got his work cut out for him. Will he be able to solve the mystery, or will his unorthodox methods finally land him in trouble?

Follow the lives of Velvet Shore's rich and poor as their paths collide in this quirky series filled with sex, secrets, and drama. You'll laugh and cry as you read and experience the epic stories of people who, like us, just simply want to be loved.

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This is so interesting and

This is so interesting and exciting to read. - YOR Health