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FREE eBook Friday!

SUBMISSIONS for this program are currently ON HOLD

Please visit our Free Ebook Forum to download your daily free ebooks

Need to get your name out there? Want people to simply hear about your book so they can start telling their friends, reviewing, and getting you noticed? This is a great way to start! Giving your book away from time to time will increase your exposure and offer more opportunities for readers to take a chance on new-to-them authors. 

Every week WLC will give away one or two free ebooks to every member who requests it/them. WLC does not guarantee that anyone will request your book, nor do we put a cap on how many free ebooks will be given away during the 24-hour free ebook promotional period. 

By signing on for this free event, you agree to allow WoMen's Literary Cafe, LLC to give away free copies of your ebook. You agree to provide a valid Smashwords coupon for easy distribution of the files. Your book will be made free on a random basis for a period not to exceed 24 hours, and you will be notified before the promotion, giving you ample time to promote the event. 

ATTENTION KDP SELECT Authors: Per KDP guidelines, if you are part of the KDP Select program, you cannot distribute your book elsewhere during your exclusivity period. WLC takes no responsibility for the author's actions, and it is up to each author to be sure they are not breaking rules/guidelines of other programs they are participating in. Unless otherwise notified by the author, WLC will distribute the books as per the author's completed registration form.

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