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Free Kindle book (Lewis Wright by Chaz Dowdell)

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Hello everyone

My book "Lewis Wright" by Chaz Dowdell was self published and is a story about Lewis Wright A rich boy who just retired from his sport of snowboarding to relax and enjoy life in a new way. Always lived life to the edge competing in extreme sports his whole life, Lewis Wright decides to work for the family company for a new challenge. Looking to leave his old career behind for a new one. Lew ends up back on the path that he had left with an old childhood friend and would find himself in a whole new level of extreme sports that would change his life. The book is free to kindle unlimited users on Amazon and i would love to hear what everyone would think of it as it is the first part of the series. Thank you for your time and support:)

DATE(S) OFFERED FREE: 02/07/2017-04/24/2017

TITLE: Lewis Wright by Chaz Dowdell

GENRE: fiction 


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This is so nice and I so

This is so nice and I so really love to have this. - Paradise Home Improvement Charlotte