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Free sci-fi thriller on Kindle: Adjudicator (4-8 Feb)

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Democracy failed. But something better has risen in its place. One man reigns on Noltos, with no rivals or elections to encumber him. Not knowing whose identity he’ll assume when his term is up, his fairness is beyond reproach. To the masses, this man is known only as the Adjudicator.

Cole Bishop believes in the Adjudicator system. Even after he’s snatched from his bed in the middle of the night. Told that he’ll rule for a few years and then live as a stranger in somebody else’s skin. But when a mysterious accident leaves his son at death’s door, politics doesn’t seem so important any longer. Bishop is going to save the boy’s life, no matter what his government does—or what his friends say—to stop him.

Debut author Crispen Callger keeps the pages turning in this smart fusion of tomorrow's technology and today's headlines. Praised as a breath of fresh air for the genre, ADJUDICATOR leaves readers wondering if perhaps humanity's political evolution hasn't quite yet run its course.

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This is very exciting to have

This is very exciting to have for free. - Marla Ahlgrimm