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This advertising spot is front and center on our homepage. We feature six books per day, and the feature runs for 23 hours. This promotion will be promoted through three WLC accounts through Twitter, specifically  mentioning your book title in at least two tweets from each account over the 23 hour period, as well as two tweets through the WLC IndieKindle program. THERE'S MORE! We will also post your book's link on the WLC Facebook page and the IndieKindle Facebook page! As with all of our promotions, we drive heavy traffic to our homepage, allowing your book tremendous exposure.

EROTICA titles are not accepted for either the Standard or the Value Added Option. Please see our Erotica Book Promotions to promote your erotica titles.


STANDARD AD: **PLEASE NOTE: this feature MAY BE PURCHASED FOR MULTIPLE DAYS, and there is no price requirement for your book. The promotion above is offered at a price of $25/day.

If your book is free: You may sign up for this program. 

If interested, please pay the amount of your selection promotion to via Paypal prior to registering using the form, below. Please take note of the unique Paypal Transaction ID, as you will need it to register. 


To register, please complete the following tasks.

1. Pay for the program as noted below
2. AFTER PAYING RETURN TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION FORM (please write down your Unique Paypal Transaction Number, as you will need it to complete the form) IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE FORM then you are not logged into WLC. Please log in and then complete the form.

**Please note: If you do not return after payment and complete the registration form, your book will not be promoted. The form MUST be completed and payment MUST be received in full in order for us to promote your book. ​This program is for WLC registered members only. You must be logged in to see the form, below. 


The promotion is payable in advance via Paypal, to The Standard Ad is $25/day. Please note your book title in the comments of the Paypal transaction form, and please write down your Unique Paypal Transaction Number, as you will need it to complete the form. 

​This program is for WLC registered members only. You must be logged in to see the form, below. 


​WLC's promotions are geared toward providing maximum exposure for our members books. WLC does not guarantee or warrant any sales from our promotions.