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Mr. Mark Zuckerberg…may I have a word with you about the Facebook Timeline? WLC Blogger

Please let me start off by saying that I love change. I love that each day is different; that my likes and dislikes can change at any given moment and that some days I want to be vegetarian but don’t know how to break up with bacon.

Change is essential to our growth as a people and with innovative change comes new ideas.

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may I say that this new Facebook Timeline is leaning on my last nerve? First of all, we get this notice that Facebook is changing to a timeline format where you can go back and see what people were doing years ago. Honestly, I don’t remember nor do I care about what I was doing back in 2008, 2009, or 2010 so it is a safe bet that I won’t care what my friends or acquaintances or potential stalkers were doing.

I like to live in the present.

Now we have these huge pictures on our pages and we can barely read the type. Before the change we could click on the photo and linger on the images if we chose to. It is now looking like a scrapbook page and for the record I kind of hate scrapbooks. I do expect hate mail from my last declaration.

The pages look childish and goofy.

If someone elects to post on our pages, they are sent to a box on the right hand side of the page. The feeling I get is that they are being caged in and I doubt people  will feel inclined to open them. So why bother?

I am an artist and do post my latest creations. Imagine my shock and horror when I saw my latest drawing cropped off in a very unpleasant way. I am feeling a bit creatively crippled by the timeline.

My cable service decided to change our email format a while ago. I was annoyed because our lives go faster than the speed of light and now there was something new I had to learn and screw up. I think they must have gotten a gaggle of complaints because now they offer you the “Classic” version versus the “we didn’t really need to change, but we wanted to see you all pulling out your hair” version. I am not ashamed to say I went the classic route because I have a life that should not be stuck on the bloody computer all day and night. As it is, I am becoming moldy from the lack of sun on my skin. It ain’t pretty.

And finally, why do you think there are apples and oranges in the world? Variety is the spice of life. So you can keep your billons, but can I please keep my “classic” Facebook page?

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elizabeth cassidy is a humorist, artist, creativity coach for artists and writers and a faculty member of the Art League of Long Island. She is an award-wining blogger for skirt, a featured columnist for Here Women Talk and has seen her writings published in GalTime, ShareWIK, The Smartly, More and Huffington Post. She is the founder of My Views from the Edge and Coaching for the Creative Soul and is a former stand up comedienne and comedy writer for WNBC Radio. She was once compared to a young Woody Allen. Her family and friends were relieved to hear that she did not actually morph into a short Jewish man. She has also been published in The Renaissance Writers Anthology and is a published poet.

elizabeth just took 3rd place in the Long Island Press’s Best of 2102 in the life coach category.

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I agree completely!  In

April 7, 2012 by Lisa M. Lilly, 4 years 45 weeks ago
Comment id: 11407

I agree completely!  In addition to being an author, I have my own law practice and am frustrated by constant updates and new versions of software to "improve" it.  I rarely see the improvement, and often the new version throws off how other programs interact with the "improved" software, which takes even more time to work out.  I'm still struggling on Facebook with how to make my book cover look right on its page, as it is not a square cover and the page wants a square jpeg.  (Does anyone have a square book cover?)   I'm sure I'll get it eventually -- and then it will change.  :) 

This is hilarious, and so

April 6, 2012 by btracht, 4 years 46 weeks ago
Comment id: 11309

This is hilarious, and so true! I feel your pain, Elizabeth. And I have a feeling a lot of other people do, too! Thanks for the early morning laugh. I needed it!