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Readers, Get Connected!

Welcome Readers!

World Literary Cafe is  a multi-faceted community that promotes everyone in the literary realm, from readers to authors, editors, reviewers, and author services. Below you will find a few tips on how to use our site.

When getting involved in a community, it's beneficial to get to know the members. Our forums are perfect for that purpose. Readers and authors can connect in our Reader Forums, leave reviews, and even develop book club connections. If you're an aspiring author, try our Writing Forums where you can talk shop and swap advice.

The information below is for our readers. If you are interested in becoming part of our Review Team, Blogger Support, or Author-Blogger Connection program, please visit our

  • BETA READERS: Do you have an unusual ability to critique literature? Can you spot when a story flows and when characters are well developed? If so, join our Beta Reader forum and connect with authors. Please understand that not all beta readers will be accepted. Authors usually look for strong editorial skills, strong critiquing background, and above all, avid readers who care about well-written literature. 
  • READER FORUMS: Connect with authors about their books, post reviews, request a book club discussion. The possibilities are endless. 
  • WRITING FORUMS: Are you an aspiring authors, or perhaps you write as a hobby, this is a great forum for connecting with other writers and discussing the craft. Connect with beta readers, form critique groups, or discuss querying, editing, self-publishing, or anything else writing related.

Mark your calendars! Every month we schedule events for that our readers can count on. Discover new authors along with household names. Below is a list of dates that you can count on each month. Be sure to check in often for special promotions and events!

  • BLOG: Our Elite Blog Team brings funny, insightful content about literature, writing, and life to the World Literary Cafe. Discover new authors with our weekly Author Spotlights and Character Interviews. Character interviews are given with from the character's point of view.
  • FIRST WEEK OF EVERY MONTH: ​WLC features NEW RELEASES from WLC members. Be sure to stop by and discover new authors and new titles from authors you know and love.

Want to know what your favorite authors are doing day-to-day? What better way then following them on Facebook , their blogs, and Twitter? 

  • #ShareTheLove4Authors (Facebook Like Program): More followers, more friends, more community. Visit this page and click the links to "Like" your favorite author's Facebook fan page. We're sorry, but we don't allow the posting of profile pages.
  • #WLCTwitterFollows: Community works. Join #WLCTwitterFollows to follow your favorite authors, gain followers, and spread your wings. 
  • #WLCBlogFollows: Connect with bloggers and readers with this great follow program!

We love to hear your suggestions and comments! Want to commend the site and/or volunteers? Please leave a testimonial. If you have suggestions or would like to tell us what's on your wish list, please fill out our suggestion form. We would love to hear from you.



*World Literary Cafe offers paid and free promotions to authors and does not warrant, claim, warrant, or guarantee the quality or value of the books promoted.