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Request for REVIEW for my (Romance/Suspense) novel "IF TIME COULD WAIT" (copy will be sent free)

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Good Day to you all,

                 I am PRASOBH SUGADHAN, an indie author writing under the pen name P.S.Hope. I have recently published my novel IF TIME COULD WAIT on Amazon. I am finding short of reviews, so this is a request for possible Reviews.

Thank you.

The details of the work are as follows.



Link to get free book: (Pls Note: This book is free for download only from 15 March 2013 -17 March 2013)

My Email to request for FREE reviewer’s book copy:

Where to review :

Book genre : romance/suspense

Word count : 63,000 words.


Short desc (blurb) :

Catherine; as from her own Journals:

           Every girl lives with a dream-

                                                       A dream to love a boy, marry him, enjoy a full happening life with him and finally, when the time comes, die lying in his arms, the knowledge of having at least some one worthy enough to shed a tear, providing her with an unknown satisfaction.

                      Lucky are the few who get the sequence right and foolish are the most, who in their own unforgiving ways of life, makes a mess of what were in offer.

Alas, there lies a third- ones like me…..

                                                 – Catherine.

           Returning home from sea after three years, a place he had found as an escape from the pain caused by his unfaithful first love, all Michael saw in a girl was his chance for vengeance. His feelings of hurt aggravated to a new high on hearing his sister's words that the girl-next-door, Catherine, was different. To prove that she was wrong, Michael argued that he could wreck Catherine before he left for sea.

            Little did he know that his life would change forever, that his fate would be in the hands of the people who blamed him for what befell upon her.The series of shocks started as the first few lines written inside Catherine’s journals. 

            Then he would have to challenge fate.......for good or for worse! 

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