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Tweet Teams


Welcome to our Tweet Teams

​If you can't see the video (below) please refresh your screen

Tweet Teams are collaborative efforts for cross-promotions. The goal is to widen your readership umbrella--maximize your exposure, and gain friends and followers.

If you join the Tweet Teams, you are agreeing to tweet each of the other 10 people on your team at least once each day that you are enrolled FROM THE ACCOUNT that you are asking people to RT (example, if I tweet "RT @Melissa_Foster" then my reciprocal tweets must come from "@Melissa_Foster's account).

  1. Add your tweets HEREread instructions firstand please add them to the correct dated forum. Please do not leave comments in the forums--leave them in the CHAT area only. Each forum holds 10 comments on a page, adding extra comments will create issues with the number of people on the teams.
  2. The forum will allow 10 people on each page. Each page is a team. 
  3. Each member may join UP TO THREE Tweet Teams daily and may enter up to TWO tweets per post.
  4. All participants must tweet WLC tweets, in support of WLC. WLC Tweets can be found HERE, daily.
  5. WE DO NOT ALLOW TWEETS that are in ALL CAPS. Such tweets will not be RTd.
  6. Tweet your author friends!



​All tweets must begin with "RT @Username" and must include "#WLCAuthor"

Tweets that do not follow that format will be removed.

Repeat violators will be banned from the Tweet Teams. 

WANT MORE TWEETS? You can join more than one team. You need to return to the forum after an hour or so and be sure you'll be on a different page then first time you posted.

Want to CHAT with your tweet partners? Chat HERE

Need to pick up more tweets from your TEAM? Find your team page HERE


​Who can participate?

Anyone who is promoting the literary industry, meaning writers, authors, book bloggers, small press, large press, cover artists, editors, and book reviewers. Please note, however, that reviewers who charge fees and/or ask for donations are not able to participate in this program, as WLC does not condone paid reviews. This program is not for any industry besides publishing. We do not allow participants who are trying to sell marketing services to authors or anyone outside the literary community. We also do not allow tweets for fundraising (aka Kickstarter or the like) so authors can earn money to publish their books

I am a faith-based writer. Is there a faith-based Tweet Team

YES! Click here to visit our new Faith-Based Tweet Team.

BDSM/Erotica might upset my followers - am I required to tweet tweets supporting that genre?

​No, that genre has a particular niche audience and tweets containing that genre may upset some author's followers. No authors outside that genre are required to tweet erotica/BDSM related tweets unless they would like to. Use your judgment with regard to that genre. For this reason, we do not suggest that particular genre take part in our Tweet Teams unless the author accepts that they may not gain full participation from other team members.

Do I have to participate every day?

​No, feel free to participate on the days you are able. Reciprocation is required only on the days you participate on the teams. 

What's NOT allowed?

​We do not allow profanity of any type. Tweets left with profanity are not required to be tweeted. We do not allow tweets promoting Kickstarter or any other "fund my book" type of tweets. 

Do I need to automate my tweets?

Automated tweeting is not a requirement for team participants. What we suggest is that you use an automated system to save you time and to keep from inundating your followers with tweets.

​When should I post my tweets to the teams?

You can post them the night before if you open a new thread dated

How often should I tweet?

We suggest that you schedule Tweet Team tweets every 20 -30 minutes so you don't spam your followers. 

​Can I join more than 1 Tweet Team?

Yes, you'll need to visit the Tweet Team page at least an hour after you have joined a team, then check the Team Pages to be sure your first team already has nine other members. 

Do I have to use a special Hashtag? 

Yes, #WLCAuthor is required so we can track and RT easily.

How Can I support everyone on the days I can't take part on the teams? 

​Yes, simply RT the #WLCAuthor hashtag.

Still have questions? Post them HERE

We run random daily audits of our #WLCAuthor hashtag to insure participants are all doing their fair share.