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Write a story in 5 sentences. No more. No less.

I have fallen in love with this site called: Five Sentence Fiction or FSF to us writers who take on the challenge to write a story using only five sentences.

Lillie McFerrin of Five Sentence Fiction supplies us writers with a word each week and we then turn it into a story.

Got writer’s block or just want to finish something? Try this. It can become addictive.

Below are a few Five Sentence Fiction pieces that I penned. Who knew I had another voice running around inside of me? I did, but this one seems a little more sentimental and melancholy.

Thanks, Lillie. Check out her site:

Here’s looking at you, babe.

“So why do you keep looking at everything and everyone, but you won’t make eye contact with me? You look over my head, at my shoes, but you won’t look me in the eyes and I got wonder…what are you afraid of?”

I was admiring his belt buckle when I realized I could not continue denying what was right in front of me. The gig was up as I timidly looked up into those hazel eyes of his; I saw the soul I had been searching for. I didn’t think it was possible, but right then and there I fell in love again.

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A tear in the sheets

I watched a few strands of hair dance across his eyelids. Just as desire and tenderness were burning a hole in my being, I noticed his hand was cradling my thigh.

The hardest part was not me leaving while he slept; it was telling the other one that I would not be returning…ever again.

I am not having an affair and anything you will say to me will be lost on me. I am reentering my life and I do believe I finally had a soft landing.

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Faeries in my closet

I remember my tiny fingers going numb while I single handedly dug down to the roots of those magnificent oak trees in Ally Pond Park.

You told me the faeries would protect me from things that went bump in the night and every night something scared me wide awake.

I remember dancing with them as only I could and you never stopped me from believing that their gentle wings would tickle me to sleep.

Did it all change because I was not cute enough anymore? All I know is that the first time you hit me, my faerie wings exploded into dust and I was all alone in the dark again.

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elizabeth cassidy is a humorist, artist, creativity coach for artists and writers and a faculty member of the Art League of Long Island. She is an award-wining blogger for skirt, a featured columnist for Here Women Talk and has seen her writings published in GalTime, ShareWIK, The Smartly, More and Huffington Post.

She is the founder of My Views from the Edge and Coaching for the Creative Soul and is a former stand up comedienne and comedy writer for WNBC Radio. She was once compared to a young Woody Allen. Her family and friends were relieved to hear that she did not actually morph into a short Jewish man.

She has also been published in The Renaissance Writers Anthology and is a published poet.

© 2012 My Views from the Edge ™

Please visit my site: My Views From The Edge

You can become a fan of mine on Facebook at: elizabeth cassidy Views from the Edge with a Slice of Reality



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